church1Emmanuel Church started as Emmanuel Baptist Church in 1955 as a mission work in Plano Illinois. As it grew, land was purchased in Sandwich IL and we outgrew one building and began building an addition in 1974.

While the focus has always been on teaching the Bible in an easily understood way, we confess that we sometimes, like too many churches, became sidetracked into less important issues. Unfortunately, that was easy to do. But that changed in 2010.

Recognizing our need to refocus on what the Lord said was important and how the Lord said to do it, the leadership met and agreed to alter the direction somewhat so that we could be more effective in following Him. With that we began to pray for the Lord to make clear to us His will in choosing a new leader for our church. As 2010 was ending, the Lord led us to Rev. Joe MacDonald. A number of things seemed to direct us to conclude that he indeed was the one the Lord had in mind for us. Overwhelmingly he was voted in as our new pastor.

And then things began to develop.

Our pastor, though with more than 30 years of experience as a Senior Pastor, began to approach things as an ordinary person and leader, not as “a professional member of the clergy.” One of the first things he said was, “People have asked me how I should be addressed.” His reply was “Address me however you feel comfortable. You may call me Pastor MacDonald, Pastor Joe or even just Joe. After all, I am just human like everyone else; and the mercy and grace I have received from the Lord is available to everyone.” Well, we knew things were going to be different from then on and different they are!

While we admit it takes time for a church to fully redevelop and we certainly aren’t the perfect church, there are sufficient changes that have taken place to show us that the best is yet to come!

Why not join us Sundays at 10:45. And don’t worry about what you wear; this isn’t a fashion show! We have a loving group of imperfect people, (imperfect but forgiven) who have become like quite a family. But there is always room at this “family table” for you! Whether you know nothing about the Bible or have a degree in theology, every service and every message that our pastor gives will always be “on the bottom shelf where everyone can reach it.” But you’ll be challenged – challenged, as we are to be…

The Church That Cares About Everyday People… Every Day!